FrameByFrame 1.4

Stop Motion movie creation

FramebyFrame is a basic application to create stopmotion with your webcam. View full description


  • Works with iSight
  • Easy to use


  • Very basic editing
  • Frame slider

Not bad

FramebyFrame is a basic application to create stopmotion with your webcam.

If you have an iSight camera, FramebyFrame is very easy to use. It takes no configuration from your part, just press the little camera button to take shots and make sure that your webcam is capturing what you want. The timeline at the bottom displays all your different takes. FramebyFrame displays what your camera records on the left and all the frames superimposed on the right. The scissors button will allow you to erase unwanted frames.

We did find FramebyFrame a little too basic, and compared with an application like Boinx iStopMotion, it really appears very limited. Although you can set the frame rate from 0 to 30, there's no explanation as to what that will change. The interface also felt a little crowded and the timeline didn't always give a clear view of the different shots.

If you're like looking for a really program to create stopmotion videos, you'll like FramebyFrame. We still recommend the cleaner and more advanced Boinx iStopMotion.



FrameByFrame 1.4

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